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Postby Fritz » Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:15 am

1. Get rid of the leopard

2. Looks good here.

3. Roadrunners are great, I still think Star Sidewinders and the gummy champion Sidewinders are better. I've heard some amazing things about the Monarch tho.

4. Looks good here.

5. Drop the Teerex. Get a Star Firebird or Z Pred. The Firebird and Pred are far more consistent and penetrate the wind a lot better then the TeeRex.

Mids are fine, no need to change there.

Don't waste your time on the skeeter.

The Cro is a great headwind putter, but that's about it. If you want a overstable mid, get a Q-Sentinel or Champion Gator.

Putters are good.
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Postby nickster9224 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:38 am

1. Stable Control Drivers
Star Teebird 171 newish
Champ Teebird 172 new

2. Distance Drivers
Star Orc 168
Champ orc 175
Champ Valk 167
Champ Valk 173

3. Understable Driver
Innova Champion Roadrunner 172

4. Moderately Overstable Driver
Innova Star destroyer 170 beat and tuned less stable (main sidearm)
Star Destroyer 169 new. scurve max d

5. Very Overstable Driver
Innova Star Teerex 175

DX Roc 180 NEW
Innova DX ROC 179g perfect
Innova DX ROC 175g beat
175 Star Skeeter

2x Dx Aviar PNA 175g 1 new 1 seasoned
jk pro aviar 175
WIND DAYS ONLY pro rhyno 175
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Postby zealot » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:49 am

looks pretty good. if you're not throwing 400 drop the destroyers and the rex. you dont have a meat hook, id suggest a firebird. the beat roc can do what the skeeter does. give it a month and you'll do every shot that the skeeter does fine with that roc. im not a fan of sidewinders or roadrunners.. id suggest using a beat up teebird for that shot... which leads me to suggesting you carry dx birds :) i also like the star leopard for a lot of long annies. it catches glide real well...

my 2 cents..
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