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joshs2000ss' bag

Postby joshs2000ss » Fri May 16, 2008 12:30 am

I'm still trying to weed out and narrow down the discs that work for me and the discs that don't. Here's what I've got in the bag.

Z Flick 174g
Star Max 175g
Star Destroyer 175g (stable)
Star Destroyer 175g (less stable)
Star Wraith 166g
Champ Wraith 172g
DX Destroyer 171g (call me Capt. Flippy)
Star TeeRex 172g (retired first ace)
Champ Beast 175g
FLX Surge 173g
Champ Valkyrie JK 5x 170g
Z Wildcat 171g (likely leaving the bag)
Star TL 175g
Champ Roadrunner 163g

DX Roc 167g
Z Buzz 172g
"Simon" ESP Buzz 171 g
First Run Kite 171 (leaving bag soon)

KC Pro Aviar 175g (new, unthrown)
2 Aviar P&A 171g (one more beat in)
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Postby schla104 » Sun May 18, 2008 1:10 pm

Well you've got a lot of drivers to choose from!

I would suggest:

Stable Control Driver: TL

Distance Driver: Destroyer (personally I prefer the Wraith but you seem to like the destroyers)

Understable Driver: Flippy Destroyer

Moderately Overstable: Destroyer Mabybe? Depending how stable that one is.

Overstable Pig: Max fills this slot I suppose

So that cuts your drivers down to three molds which is nice.

As for mids, pick either the Buzz or the Roc. I would take the Roc. IMO it is a better disc even if it is harder to master.

And your putters look good.

I recommended this setup because it seems that you throw the Destroyers a lot and it appears that you know more about these than some of your other discs. Another good combo for all of your drivers would be the Wraith/TeeRex/Max combo as these three discs will be able to fill the five driver slots well.
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Postby J-Man » Sun May 18, 2008 2:01 pm

WoW, simplify. Again all suggestions are based on personal style, mine being simplify. You have quite an assortment of molds, and each has its intended purpose and the one you really get out of it. But when it comes down to it you need discs that go left, that go right, and that go straight. And you need discs that do that from differing distances from the pin while allowing you a comfortable pull. Speaking from my own bag, I carry 4 Crushes all varying ages from new to very old - but because of the different stages of "broken-in" I have 1 mold that will go left, right, or straight. I carry 1 X Pred, nicely broke in for long fairways, short wooded holes and controlled 'S' turns. 1 Buzzz for long approaches, 1 Challenger for hyzer approaches, and 1 Soft Mag for approaches and putting. I can go right, left, and straight form T to pin with little confusion, hey all my drivers feel the same and 9 of 10 approaches are with the Soft Mag. Usually I play a Crush, then straight to the Soft Mag. Now I do take out my Crushes for the month of July to try 2 other molds, but the Crushes go back come August. SO, to sum it up, simplify your bag, go with a few molds for a while (like a season); get to know them and give them time to break in. You'll end up with a mold or two that you really know and in varying stages of weathering that will give you the full spectrum of left to right shots and eliminate the need for a bag full of "specialty" discs.
This works for me, good luck, the fun is in the trying to figure it out so have fun which ever way you go,
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