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Postby Dogma » Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:10 pm

I have about 300 feet of distance. I throw forehand and backhand equally. I like minimalism, despite the fact that I'm a recovering disc whore, and like that my discs fit in a Spider Monkey with room to spare. :D

Star Xcaliber - overstable
ESP Surge - primary forehand driver
DX Gazelle - primary backhand driver
X Stratus - understable mid/driver

DX Roc
X Comet - since I don't have a beat Roc

Pro Rhyno - putter drives, approaches, long putts
D Magnet - inside the circle

I'm not excited about having two putter molds. I love the Pro Rhynos for most shots, but recently I've been working on my putting form and found that for short putts the stiffness of the D Magnet works a little better, so there it is. The Stratus comes and goes since it isn't that different from the Comet, and I tend to throw flicks instead of BH anyhzers. Right now it's in the bag, but I rarely use it. Open to thoughts and suggestions...
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Postby marmoset » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:30 pm

I found the Rhyno/Magnet combo to be extremely effective. I used that combo for a couple of years. They aren't in my bag because I am trying to learn the Wizard- if I didn't take them out I would throw them instead of the Wizards.
I agree with you- the Rhyno filled more of an approach role while the Magnet did most of the putting.
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