Am i ready for a New Arsenal? help me!!

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Am i ready for a New Arsenal? help me!!

Postby Fr0sty711 » Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:47 pm

OK i have been playing for 4 months now and took some advice and got some discs that are good for beginers.(SEE BELOW) EVeryone told me not to get discs like wraiths and valkeries till i was ready for them. And i have improved alot but fell like i have hit a plateua. but i just recently found a wraith that is only 150 and i can throw it like 20 ft. farther and straighter(300+) than all my other discs. So i am just wondering if i am ready to upgrade my arsenal or should i still stick with the stuff i have.

I have
Main driver------Star TL Teebird fairway driver 175 (I can throw 290)
Into the wind driver------ Star Eagle fairway driver 172(I can throw 290)
I use for longer holes DX Eagle fairway driver 171 (I am looking to trade this disc out for something i don't like it that much. Any opinions?)
It throws AMAZING S's---------DX Sidewinder 175 (i can throw 290)(thinking about getting one in star plastic of champion. any opionions?)
My midrange i use for hyzers------DX Shark midrange 176 (I can throw 260
I just learned how to control this disc it flies ridulously straight------Elite Z Buzzz Midrange 176( i can throw 250)
2 Wizard putters SS and Medium. I didn't really like these putters till i bought a KC Aviar X and i like the wizards way better than the aviar. but i am still lookin for the perfect putter. any opinions.

So i guess i tell u all that to ask if u think i am ready to upgrade my arsenal and if u have any opions on discs and if i need to add any.and over these 4 months i have found that just b/c 4 of myfriends like a certain disc if it doesn't feel right in my hands then its not the disc for me. i no its all about personal prefrence but any opinions are welcome. thanks!
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Postby SiDeArM jUnKiE » Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:38 pm

I don't know if you need to go with distance drivers yet. Maybe you should try some lighter weights in the drivers you already throw. I wouldn't change your mids or putters.
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Postby discdawg » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:37 pm

Don't change anything. Keep that DX Eagle. It will find a place in your bag as it wears.

With the distance your getting, your best bet is keeping the DX Sidewinder. The Champ & Star version will be more overstable.

I don't throw that heavy of drivers. I like mine in the 165-171g range and I am still pretty new.
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