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Peppermacks Bag

Postby peppermack » Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:22 pm

I only carry nine discs and some rotate in and out....but right now I am carrying:


Star Max 175 g
Star Destroyer 175 g
Star Xcaliber 175 g
Z Flash 174 g
Star TL 175 g


Buzzz ESP 177g
Star Cro 172 g
Pro Roc 175 g

Putter: (Rotates depending on wind):

Pro Aviar 175 g
Classic Roc 175 g
Soft Wizard 172 g

Any thoughts to what might work better for me....I throw both forehand and backhand....although much further Forehand. Distance on my backhand is only about 350 so if there are any suggestions on what might help me out let me know. I have an issue when throwing backhand that I let go to late and it takes off right and goes no where near where it is intended to go:(
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Postby Grayson » Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:10 pm

a couple things:

I don't see much reason to carry an XCaliber and a Max in your back, they have pretty much the same flight with the max being a little slower. So I'd say pick one.

Have you tried the ESP Flash? I find it to be longer and more versitile than the Z Flash, which also is very inconsistant from run to run.

I'd say pick on putter mold and learn how to play the wind. If the wind really kicks up (i mean 30mph +) I can see justifying putting with the classic roc, but learning with one mold will improve your game and ever less stable putters can be used effectively in the wind if you learn how to play it right.

All three of you mids overlap as well. What do you use them for individually? I'd say pick one and then maybe add a different mold a while after picking one of these. A beat kc pro roc will fly like an esp buzzz, and a cro is of the same not overstable, not understable genre of mids as well. I suggest maybe picking up a wasp for a more overstable complement or something like a comet or d buzzz for a more understable complement.

350ft is not bad backhand, especially if you can do it with your TL. If you're only getting that with your destroyer, maybe you should step down in speed and that might help you learn backhand a little better. Also search the technique forum for OAT (off axis torque) and other threads for your release problems. Learning with a slower stable disc like a teebird, cyclone, gazelle etc will help you immensly in getting your techique down pat as well. The high speed drivers have a larger rim so if your release is not good, then they'll be soo much harder to throw. Also they high speed drivers take more power to make them be able to fly their lines correctly, so a slower driver (your tl will work fine) will be more useful in getting that backhand technique down.

A lot of forehand dominant players use the faster, more overstable drivers to hide the flaws in their sidearm technique as well. Try learning to control less stable drivers like valkyries and it'll help out your forehand game.

Basically your bag seems to be missing an understable driver, a moderately overstable driver (like an avenger or starfire), a slower overstable pig (like a firebird, banshee, or predator) and has a little overlap.
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Postby peppermack » Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:14 pm

Cool thanks....I tried some of you suggestions today......I put a avenger and cyclone in the old school X2 in the bag instead of the Star cro for an stable mid disc....and I will stick with the Soft wizard and get used to using that all the good so far...we will see in the weeks to come.
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