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Jerrod's bag

Postby Jerrod » Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:31 pm


172 E-Assassin - currently getting it out to around 360 when the God's smile. Probably 330 to 340 consistently
170 SOLF- 1.1 but I am thinking the 1.2 will be more of the stable compliment to the Assassin I am looking for
172 M-JLS- my go to driver
169 Star Firebird
172 E-Sabre- kind of a test at this point looking for my stable JLS compliment. May bump it for a QJLS.


175 E-Element
178 E-Element-X- overstable compliment to my Element. Headwinds and hookshots.
170 Squall- this disc kind of fits a long driver, short mid slot. I am sure it's probably overlap to carry it.


175 Soft Wizard- for driving, though many people at my course are saying the Pig is awesome for a driving putter. Though they do throw much farther then I do though.
168 Soft Wizard- putter

Still a work in progress.
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