Jake's Bag (Kinda like dgdave's new bag)

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Jake's Bag (Kinda like dgdave's new bag)

Postby diskgopher » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:22 pm

So I saw Dave's post about changing his bag to something like Barry Schultz throws and was kinda surprised because I made a similar change a couple of weeks ago. I changed from a disc minimalism bag to something like he had in his "What's in the Bag?" video from the St. Louis Open just for fun and I was shocked at how much I really like it. I was wondering what everyone thought about it.


Now I throw:

1st Run Star Destroyer
Pro Destroyer
Pro Wraith
Champ Roadrunner

Star Firebird
Star Teebird
Champ Leopard
Star Leopard.

Champ Rancho Roc
Champ San Marino Roc
Dx San Marino Roc
Glow Ontario Roc
Champ Stingray

BB KC Aviar
SB Classic Aviar
SB Dx Aviar

All at or near max weight.

I have been a strict observer of disc minimalism for a couple of years after finding this site. I changed for fun but it will most likely stick. I found out I love my straight stable options with the leopard and now I love throwing anhyzers. I don't feel like I need to flip my straight and anhyzer shots onto the line I want.

I went from 6 to 9 molds with new variation in Roc molds.

For Reference I was throwing:
Champ Firebird
Star Teebirds
KC Rocs
BB/SB Aviars
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