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Kenja's bag

Postby Kenja » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:04 pm

Never done one of these b4 but here goes
Myself: 5+ yrs experience, 350ft golf D, about 400 max D. Working on my flick and can get it to about 250.

170g SOLS (beat) [long hyzer-flip to turnover]
172g SOLS (newer) [straight or anny]
170g SOLF [straight w/ fade or super anny bombs :lol:]
168g Star Destroyer [becoming a little too straight and was never as long as my orions :lol:]
175g Star FL (NG for flicks but very nice on right-left hyzer drives)

180g CE San Marino Roc [straight drives to 325+]
174g Latitude Core [turnover drives to 325]
180g DX Cobra [primary left to right turnover driver to 300+]
180g Ching Roc [doesn't get much use; I suck at driving with Ranchos :lol:]

175g Superglow Wiz [approach to 200+]
175g Pro Line Rhyno [putts/approach/anny driver to 250+]
175g Aviar P&A [jump putts/straight driver to 250+]

Recently switched from Rev Mini to GB Spider monkey, phenix quads.
Used to carry TLs but the SOLS can do so much more. :twisted:
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Postby Mike-S » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:17 pm

1. Drop the Destroyer. It overlaps with your SOLF and you dont like it anyways.
2. Get rid of one of your midrange molds. The core and cobra sound like they overlap for you.
3. Drop at least one of those putter molds. Three is too many, I prefer to use only one in different stages of wear but 2 isnt bad.
4. Get a fairway driver or two!!! Get a teebird, eagle, gazelle, cyclone, xl, whatever you like. You need something slower and more controllable than your Orions.
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Postby GorillaTactics » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:56 pm

yeah, if you can find a dx san marino or ontario you can probably drop the core and cobra, and cut down on the midrange molds...

superglow wiz=tasty
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Postby Kenja » Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:31 pm

yeah 3 putters are 1 too many -- part of the problem is that the GB squirrel monkey has a dual putter pocket so I threw an aviar in there. I'd forgotten how easy they are to get to fly straight and drop w/o any fade on a hyzer flip and haven't had the heart to kick out the wizard :lol:

I'm thinking the core's gotta go; its quite a bit faster than a buzz and has a tendency to go WAY past the landing spot :? (but the plastic is so damn SWEET!)
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