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Postby JR » Thu Sep 18, 2008 12:10 pm

garublador wrote:
sleepy wrote:Hell, Johnny Sias won himself a World Championship back in the 80's putting with Rocs.
I hear some other guy won 12 times using Aviars. ;) Also, look at KC's bag from the Innova site:

It's almost a cut-and paste version of what's recommended on here.

I bet that Johnny Sias' putting wouldn't be drastically affected by using a putter. I bet he'd still hit a lot more putts than most of us. Most pepole that decide they like putting with a midrange can't say the same thing.

In short, if you're putting well enough to win Worlds, then go ahead and putt with a midrange. If you want to learn to putt well enough to win tournaments, learn to use a putter.

Or both if you've got the time to learn both. People do run long putts with mids. Beyond what they can get with putters. Some even use the mids for putts inside their maximum putter distance because not giving 100 % power makes people more accurate. Putting is both about reaching the basket at correct height and doing it accurately enough to sink the disc in.
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