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Postby cjskier » Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:05 am

Hey guys, I'm a new guy to the board, but have been playing disc off and on for a few years. Recently though it has been much more concentrated, and I'm hooked! Any how, through my years of disc playing I have amassed a good collection of disc's. But am still unsure of which ones I should actually be using. Naturally when I first started I just would use my Newest, or Nicest disc's. I realize that is not the best approach, lol. So I need some help, please select the disc's you think I should be using. I uses a 10-12 disc bag.

As for my abilities, I know all the different throws(but by no means am good at all of them), can throw around 280-300 on a good back hand drive. Depending on the course I shoot between a couple over, to bogey disc.

Also, if there is any that area of my bag that is weak, and I need a disc, let me know.

Here is what I have. Highlighted ones are currently my bag. All of them are in new to good condition. I know, a lot of drivers, but that's what people throw in the water :x :lol:
Champion Sidewinder 171g
Champion Sidewinder 168g
Champion Wraith 172g
Star Wraith 172g
Champion Valkyrie 173g
DX Valkyrie 176g
Champion Firebird 171g
Star Tee Rex 168g
Star Monster 175g
KC pro Teebird 174g
KC pro Teebird 170g
KC pro Eagle 174g
KC Pro Banshee 173g
Elite Z XL 171g
Elite X XL 174g
Elite Z Cyclone 169g
Elite Z Spectra 171g
ESP Surge 174g
Elite X XS 173g
Pro-D Rocket X2
Millennium EXP 1 172g
Quest T-bone 171g

Mid range
Elite Z Buzz 174g (My mid range, approach, and putter)
DX Cobra 172g
DX Cheetah 166g

KC pro Aviar 170g (hate this thing, need a new putter)

HELP ME!!! Thanks
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Re: Help me put together a bag!

Postby cmlasley » Sat Oct 18, 2008 11:27 am

cjskier wrote: . . . 280-300 on a good back hand drive.

Pick one of these three for Max D:
Champion Sidewinder 171g
Champion Sidewinder 168g
DX Valkyrie 176g

Headwinds, Overhands, Meat hook:
Champion Firebird 171g

Moderately Overstable:
KC pro Teebird 170g

Main Workhorse Driver:
Elite Z XL 171g
Elite X XL 174g (Play with this until it will perform nice turnovers)

Mid range
Elite Z Buzz 174g (My mid range, approach, and putter)

KC pro Aviar 170g (learn to love this thing)

That's what I'd throw in your situation. Rely on your XLs. They'll teach you to throw and reward you for executing.

What don't you like about the Aviar? The big bead Aviar is not my favorite, but I think most will agree that they could switch to the Aviar and not miss much.
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