Any changes to my bag ?

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Any changes to my bag ?

Postby RocSteady » Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:55 pm

Distance Drivers:
1 x 175g Star Xcal
1 x 172g Champion Destroyer
1 x 172g Star Wraith
1 x 175g CFR Wraith (seasoned, quite flippy)

Fairway Drivers
1 x 175g Star TeeBird
1 x 175g Star TL
1 x 175g Star Eagle
1 x 175g Champion Leopard
1 x 175g Star Valkyrie
1 x 167g Star RoadRunner (roller)

Mids, P&A
1 x 172g Star Rhyno
2 x 175g KC Pro Roc
2 x 175g KC Pro Aviar (approaches, stand-still drives)
1 x 175g Star Spider (short flicks, emergency shots)
2 x 175g JK Pro Aviar-x (1 seasoned, 1 new for putting)

Is there some redundancy in this bag ? Anything that sticks out that's obvious overlap ? On any given day, I'm throwing mostly rocs, leopards, and teebirds.
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Re: Any changes to my bag ?

Postby Beetard » Fri Oct 24, 2008 9:02 pm

Recommendations: Teebird, Roc, Wizard (or aviar if you're natually athletic) :mrgreen:
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