fr0sty711 bag (disc Whore)

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Re: fr0sty711 bag (disc Whore)

Postby marmoset » Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:10 am

After seeing that you have a DX Leopard I retract my "might replace your TL" statement. Champ and Star Leos might replace a TL but I haven't had much luck with DX Leos keeping their stability too long. But that's good news for your rollers.

As you get your DX TBs weathered you might not need your TL anymore. And as the EX gets weathered it might replace your TBs. It will take a long time but Star plastic will beat in.

I wouldn't mess with the Starfire or Beast too much... depending on power and form again. Bangers are similar to a groove top Wizard. It's fine if you like the groove top feel. Otherwise stick with the Wizard.
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