Peppermack's latest Bag....comments?

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Peppermack's latest Bag....comments?

Postby peppermack » Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:45 pm

Star Destroyer 169g broken in
Star Wraith 175g Broken in
Pro Valkyrie 173g New for hyzer flip shots and going right off the tee
Star TeeRex 169g new

Fairway Drivers
Star TL 175g newish
Star Teebird 175g newish

Star Cro 175g newish

Glow Warlock 172g off the tee and approach
Evo Warlock 174g main putter
Evo Wizard 173g putt....tee...approach

I can hear people out there talking about my lack of mids.....I just traded my rocs because they did not work for me....I have a element and an element x coming to try out. I like the cro, it works well for my game. I use my glow warlock and evo wizard as mids a lot....if I am withing 275' I am throwing my putter...the control with a putter is unmatched for me. The teebird I throw up to 400-425' so I use it as a driver a lot for those monster anhyzer shots on a big open hole, along with the wraith. My longest discs are the Destroyer and Wraith at about 430-460' depending on the throw...and now with the forums help I can hyzer flip them for a straighter more accurate line. I throw rhbh most of the time but can throw rhfh out to about 425' with the destroyer if the hole works better that way. The number of discs that I carry never if one goes comes out.

Am I missing anything?
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Re: Peppermack's latest Bag....comments?

Postby Jsw » Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:44 pm

Looks like a pretty good bag, especially with the Elements en route - I hear the retooled elements are pretty nice. I wanted to try the Element X but now that its going to be discontinued I'll just wait for the 'warrior'. ANYWAY

How would you rate the grip and firmness on the Glow warlock. I assume it's the superglow stamp variety? And is the "E" warlock significantly more stable than the "S"? I'm a warlock guy but I want something I can abuse off the tee. Thanks.
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