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Post Summer Review

Postby practically invincible » Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:11 pm

Ok, Here's the latest update.

1. Stable Control Drivers
a. Star Eagle 170g (Fairly New)
b. Star Starfire 169g (Broken in, forehand primarily)

2. Distance Drivers
a. Champ Orc 168g (worn in, tad flippy)
b. Champ Orc 169g (shiny new, stable-er)

3. Understable Driver
a. Champ Monarch 169g (mostly new, sweet turnover/anny disc or tunnels)

4. Pro Stable (ish)
a. Star Starfire 175g (tiny bit worn, consistancy in breezes/doglegs/sweep hyzers/power flex shots)

5. Overstable Driver
a. Empty (thanks to cottonwood creek)
I had a Star Max, but I would like to go a bit slower, thinking the Ch Monster

6. Midrange Discs
a. Elite-Z Buzzz 178g (flat top, dead straight)
b. Empty... (to get soon) Elite-Z Wasp 175-180g (flat top)???

7. Putters
a. Magical Black Soft and Sticky Wizzard of Goodness 175g (utility putter)
b. Soft Wizzards 168-170's (practice and long jump shots)

The Eagle-x and newer Starfire see Most of the action along with my Buzzz. I'm thinking about the Wasp for windy shots since I hate flipping the Buzzz. I Drive the Orc out to about 425ish and the same with the Monarch on different lines; the buzz is good to 280ish with the eagle everywhere inbetween. My forearm is only decent to about 280ft. I like speed ten Innova... it just sorta worked out that way. The rim depth is very nice.

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