new bag setup, comments welcomed

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new bag setup, comments welcomed

Postby rodman20 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:13 am

I have recently started throwing 80% backhand and 20% sidearm after throwing the reverse for 6 months (I started playing in may) I drive backhand 320 and about the same sidearm.

1. Stable Control Drivers
DX Teebird 150g
DX Cheetah 167g

2. Distance Drivers
Champ Valkerye 175g
champ sidewinder 150g (just picked this up)

3. Understable Driver
Beat DX teebird 175g for extreme understable/rollers
Dx Leopard 150g

4. Moderately Overstable Driver
star wraith (primarly sidearm disc) 172g

5. Very Overstable Driver
champ starfire 171g

Overstable: New Glo Roc 169g
Stable: Crystal z Buzzs 175g
Understable: Star Ontario Roc 168g
I will most likely replace the buzz with the beat glo roc once it is seasoned enough and get a new glo roc.

Stiff Wizard Driving/Long upshot
SSS Wizard putting

I'm basically trying to get as much info off this site and retool my game. Like i said ive only been playing for a couple months and wanted to start from scratch and am already seeing lower scores and more distance/control.
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Re: new bag setup, comments welcomed

Postby practically invincible » Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:24 pm

I'd think your sidewinder will move from 2 to 3 very quickly, and then possibly into the trunk of your car (I feel that they're really inconsistant). I was getting into a bag like yours after about 5-6 months and it actually hurt my game; consider putting the extras aside (i'd not throw the 150's) and only have one mold per category unless you really need them. Just my input. Oh.... and aim right with a wizzard that soft. They're almost TOO sticky... almost.
The only disc I throw well consistently is my lucky Wizard.
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