Trying to minimize my bag.

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Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby JHBlader86 » Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:22 am

I've been trying to minimize the molds in my bag, but everytime I take a disc(s) out and go play a tourney or even just casual I always find myself in situations where I need that exact disc I just took out. Please critique my bag, and help me with what I need to keep and get rid of...

E Spirit (BIG Headwinds)
SRP Raging Inferno (Distance driver, moderate winds, LONG hyzers)
E Diablo DT (LONG distance hyzers)
E Illusion QC (LONG Distance driver)
E/SRP Inferno (LONG Distance driver, LONG Anhyzers)
Premium T-Bone (Accuracy with distance, hyzers)
E Blaze (Tight hyzers, accurate drives in wind)
E Sabre FX (Accurate fairway drives, S-curves)
S Demon (Windy midrange shots, hyzers)
E Element-X (All purpose midrange driver)
E Element (Turnover midshots)
Medium Wizard (Short drives, windy putts)
E Voodoo (Jump putts)
Organic Voodoo (Main putter)
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Re: Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby Beetard » Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:50 am

I don't know much about gateway, but I think that for casual rounds, you should be able to 3 disc it and not feel like you're missing anything and NEED a certain disc.

If I were you, I'd play with just the wizard, the element and whichever gateway driver is closest to an eagle, gazelle, or cyclone. Using just one driver will help teach you how to shape lines and throw into headwinds better than you ever imagined.

For tournaments, you may want to bring along the driver that makes the shot you need to perform the easiest, which you'll get a better idea of by using 1 nice stable control driver for everything in your casual rounds.
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Re: Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby wdb4th » Sat Nov 15, 2008 10:01 am

Is your premium T-bone flat or domey?

The Diablo DT and RIDT are very similar molds. You could probably ditch one of those.
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Re: Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby JHBlader86 » Sun Nov 16, 2008 1:24 am

My T-Bone is domey.

Yes, the Diablo DT and RIDT are similar, but I'm not using the RIDT, I'm using the RI, which is much more stable.
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Re: Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby PRES 10 » Tue Dec 16, 2008 5:35 pm

beat or tune a spirit to replace your RI, a beat up spirit has amazing glide and it retains good stability one of the best molds for versitility if you have a big arm.

Pick the illusion or diablo whichever feels better and tune or beat the the stabilty desired and use a new one for hyzers.

The tbone is a good disc as well as the sabre but for control the sabre is more predictible. do the same as above with one of these. a sabre is extremely versitle and can be thrown very far if you thow it high enough. If the celing is restricting thow a faster driver.

for mids the elx is out of production but they can still be found. I just talked to dave mac last week and he said there are less than 12 in the whole shop so they will soon be only at venders. the new element (retool) is a little bit more stable than previous so maybe this will replace the elx if not the warrior may be a good choice. You can pic one of these then have different stages of wear. S plastic might be a good choice cuz e takes a long time to break in for mids.

Normally the same putter works for jump putting. but it might not be the case for you.

I would recomend the following bag setup.

E spirits-2 one new one a lil beat
E Illusions-3 One new, one a lil beat then one very beat
E saber-3 same as above
Demon or blaze
Wizard-2 one straight one a lil flippy
all around putter

Thats around a dozen discs. And within a couple rounds you can learn how to thow your sabre higher or a illusion softer in place of your tbone.
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Re: Trying to minimize my bag.

Postby BLURR » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:42 am

I kind of agree with Pres 10.

But I would swap out the Illusion for the Blurr...personal preference :D I would also do two assassins and a sabre rather than 3 sabres.

Distance Drivers:
2 Spirits
3-4 Illusions/Blurrs
2 Assassins

Fairway Drivers:
I would probably do 1 Sabre. They can come in handy for shots that are tweenish.

2 Elements
1 Warrior
1 Demon/Blaze The Demon and Blaze are pretty much interchangeable in my opinion.

Whatever you like...but I would make sure to have at least one wizard in your bag.
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