Peppermack's New Bag?

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Peppermack's New Bag?

Postby peppermack » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:14 am

I have changed my bag and am looking for any thoughts.....I only ever carry 9 if I add comes let me know what you think.

Stable Driver
173g Opto Riot New
174g Boss New

Moderately Stable
172g Star Wraith

Fairway Driver
175g Teebird
172g Impact dead straight

178g E. Element X
177g Opto Core

180g E. Warlock (all putting duties and some drives)
169g Organic Voodoo (drives)

So I do not currently have a overstable driver...I am thinking about adding a Firebird...but not sure what to take out so that I can fit this in.....and I am struggling with the mids and fairway discs....the core is in to stay but the rest I am open to suggestions to change.....I throw my drivers 400' average with a couple out to 430'-460' or so. I can throw a teebird about the same as the drivers.....and my mids about 320-350'....and the voodoo out to 250'-270'. I throw RHBH 90% of the time but started out playing a year and a half ago as a RHFH thrower so I will use that if the hole or shot calls for it. anyway...please let me know if you have any suggestions about where I can change or tweak things.....winter is here and so I have the time to work on technique....and other technical things (like all the stuff in Beato's video!).
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Re: Peppermack's New Bag?

Postby Jesse B 707 » Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:17 pm

Wraith,Riot,Boss:pick one to be your Max D mold and id get something more controllable for your moderately overstable slot (SOLF,Avenger,Orc,Starfire etc), then add a firebird/pred and you should be looking aight
EDIT: if i were you id also get rid of the impact (you should be able to handle those shots with the core) and add a DX teebird for straiter fairway drives
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