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Re: Steady's Drive

Postby Banzai » Tue May 05, 2009 7:50 am

That screencap BU posted is helpful. It's not that you're not close enough to your chest ... you are basically touching your sternum w/ the disc in the second before this screencap. It's really nice and close. What it looks like is happening is that you are getting the arm/elbow out too far in front of your lower body rotation (strong arming a little). It's better than before, but not enough. If you look at that Climo photo, he's more faced up to the target than you are at this point.

I'm no expert, but I'd say try to push harder with the left leg to square your shoulders up before the pull. Also JR is right -- your elbow chop could be aimed a little more left of the target. You compensate for this by using anny footwork (I'm working on exactly this issue too). By this I just mean that you plant your foot about 6" too far left. (See Kenny photo, they're in a straight line.) This is effing with your lower body rotation. It's a lot harder to get faced up to the target if your plant step puts you where you are -- a lot farther to turn!
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