I finally took video of my drive...fixin' time!

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Re: I finally took video of my drive...fixin' time!

Postby josser » Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:29 pm

JR wrote:Don't try to force the wrist as far down as possible early in the arm motion. It will tense up the arm muscles if you're anything like me and you ain't. I've got artificial anatomy in the throwing arm. When you start pushing the wrist down as the elbow starts chopping it's moving down when the bones of the arm start to push the wrist up as it's coming from bent back (acceleration induced) to neutral. The muscles are at their strongest in the middle of their motion range which means the longer you keep the wrist unbent down the more force you can put ito pushig the wrist down fighting the anatomy. That's pushing the wrist up during bend to straight motion of the wrist.

I see exactly what you mean that the acceleration of your arm would cause your wrist down to pop up. That's so unfair!!! I will add to my list of things to work on "push wrist down as elbow starts chopping". Man, this is getting to be quite the long list.
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