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Re: Tell me how bad I am...

Postby Pwingles » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:34 pm

things to work on IMO;

your approach/run up, your cross step needs work
fixing the cross step will put your body in position to fix your back swing,
keep the disc at arm pit level, reach back, with your butt pointed at the target and pull, straight through, at this point youre bringing the disc back to your ear, but your chest is pointed almost straight at the target. Its hard to be accurate and powerful throwing that way ... re=related, this vid is a decent example of what you need to be doing with your backswing, his approach i dont really like but it looks like a short tee, and he isnt wearing shoes, so that may be why he looks like a fairy. ... re=related, this is a good slow mo of what a cross step looks like, incorporate these and i think you'll prolly add noticable D within a few throws and less effort
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