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Drive Critique Analysis

Postby g00p3 » Thu May 16, 2013 6:32 am

Posted for my friend. What recommendations for improvement?
Ended up being a great throw, a little beyond the basket, but he'd like to be consistent in this as well as probably lower the flight to a straight laser, instead of a higher throw with faded drop at end.

Current consistent throw distance 250-275ft
Current best max throw distance 300-325ft
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On video
Distance Driver - Orion Super Long Straight
Approx max height of throw 50-60ft
Strong fade at end, landed approx 280-300ft
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Re: Drive Critique Analysis

Postby JR » Fri May 17, 2013 4:53 am

He runs in a way that creates a lot of power at the expense of accuracy and consistency. At the cost of less power he can gain in accuracy and consistency by reading my signature and reaching back 180 degrees from the target and pulling the disc in a straight line. His throws went too high so pushing the wrist down and raising the disc to the innermost joint of the thumb in the rear and nose down in the grip might help. Along with pushing harder with the left leg to get more weight forward.
Flat shots need running on the center line of the tee and planting each step on the center line. Anhyzer needs running from rear right to front left with the plant step hitting the ground to the left of the line you're running on. Hyzer is the mirror of that.
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