fattestfoot's Driving Form

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fattestfoot's Driving Form

Postby fattestfoot » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:24 pm

Finally got out the video camera and had the wife record me throwing. After watching, I can already tell I'm not really getting my weight forward, how do you correct this?

Besides that though, I'm clueless. Been playing for 10 months and I throw about 250-275, with my longs getting around 300. Trying to salvage my knee and elbow from the punishment that forehand is taking (throw about 350 accurate forehand). In this video I'm throwing:

Throw 1: 171 Champ Teebird
Throw 2: 174 Star Teebird
Throw 3: 167 X Cyclone
Throw 4: 171 DX Valkyrie (Awful throw, but I figured I'd throw it in anyways)
Throw 5: 175 Star Wraith (Another bad one, after these I noticed I wasn't getting as close to my chest as normal, and that fixed this issue)
Throw 6: 174 SOLF
Throw 7: 171 Star Valkyrie


A lot of my throws end up very high (but not nose up, like throw 7), and a local guy here tells me he thinks I'm throwing from low to high instead of flat (like an air bounce, which was a big problem I had about 2 months ago when trying to get the nose down). He also said I have more snap than anyone he's ever seen (and he drives 400 accurate). Any and all criticism is appreciated.
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Postby Beetard » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:31 pm

Yes, you do have a lot of snap.

I'm not sure if your reach back is good or bad. I don't know if this is the pendulum motion that I have heard mentioned a few times on this forum.

Sounds like you throw mostly forehand and are converting to mostly backhand from what you wrote. You're already backhanding pretty well and if you keep practicing, you'll be throwing flat and on the lines you want to.

I'm jealous man, that throw has a lot of potential.
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Re: fattestfoot's Driving Form

Postby JR » Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:32 pm

Bending forward at the waist will help with weight shift forward a lot. You have a good push with the left leg so that's all you need. You may start throwing too low then so it's a matter of learning to adjust the waist and the height of the arm pull together. Not easy if you need to run at different speeds if there are natural tees around or long holes with two drives. It's totally worth it to learn.

You aren't twisting with any power at your hip. Use the waist.

You have a fast arm but you're not using it optimally. You're trying too hard and losing distance as the result. I think you're muscling that is tensioning the arm muscles way too much. Do you lock your wrist to nearly unmoving? Didn't try to see that and the frame rate is too low and your arm too fast to tell reliably. For me anyway.

You have a very quick acceleration in the beginning and little acceleration after that. That really messes up the wrist action for not so good snap from the wrist. If you're indeed not getting good wrist motion. Stay super loose in the arm until the elbow chop begins and then put some of your quick cell magic into the throw.
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Postby Aaron_D » Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:01 am

definitely acceleration. you need to start the pull slower and then accelerate through the hit. other than that you might want to try staying a little more loose in your body. you look a little stiff
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Postby Bradley Walker » Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:53 am

Your wrist is collapsing upward, so as a result your arm swing is pointed down to the ground in an attempt to keep the trajectory from ballooning upward.

So, are really throwing a kind of an "air bounce" as a result.

You really need to get your wrist down. I would recommend the "nose down catch" drill. Which is where you throw a Z Predator 75' at low power until you understand how to snap with your wrist down.

You are losing about 100 feet of distance by not understanding how to throw nose down, or "in the plane' of the disc. If you get your wrist down you could learn a level pull and be much more accurate and be a able to throw an infinite variety of shots.
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