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Postby JR » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:36 am

Man_Utenbart wrote:
you have to lock your hips to your torso

:shock: Holy cow, I have been trying the opposite all the way. Beeing soft and fluid in that part of the body in almost the entire throwing motion. Guess I never have had body timing, but a good rip/snap every now and then.

I'm REALLY looking forward trying this out. It might be a big breake through for me. I hope.

Thanks alot :)

I think that locking the torso to the hips is the very minimum that you must at least achieve for proper form. Especially in the follow through but perhaps even just before the disc releases the torso _could_ (not needs to) be further to the right than the hips and the shoulders farther to the right than the torso. Not absolutely necessary because facing the target with torso and arm pointing towards the target is great.

I'm thinking that a couple of degrees of extra may give you more power but lead to missing right. Unless you can compensate by starting to the left. That's an advanced trick that most likely shouldn't be attempted before you can get the first requirements of good form down. Namely facing the target and holding on to the disc for dear life with the torso facing the target.
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