Adding chains to baskets, PDGA legal?

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Adding chains to baskets, PDGA legal?

Postby gator » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:21 am

A club nearby wants to add chains to their Mach II's and essentially make them Mach 5's. I'm curious if these will still be legal baskets to be used in PDGA tourney's? If adding chains doesn't matter, why not add 20 chains instead of just 6?
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Re: Adding chains to baskets, PDGA legal?

Postby Chuck Kennedy » Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:44 am

Only the chain sets provided by DGA can technically be added to the Mach IIs and keep them officially legal. However, compliance checks are virtually non-existent so I wouldn't worry too much unless the course is intended to be used in an NT or Worlds event.
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