OB or lost disc?

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OB or lost disc?

Postby Steady 26542 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:45 pm

Just a question about which rule(s) should be used here.

During a tournament a player's tee shot goes into a creek (OB) that runs along the left side of the fairway all the way to the basket. He goes to get it but can't seem to find it and the group on the tee waiting is getting annoyed and goes and tells him that he has 3 minutes to find his disc. There is no question that the disc did obviously go into the creek.

How long can the player take to retrieve his disc? Is this an OB penalty and a courtesy violation if the player continues to look for his disc?
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Re: OB or lost disc?

Postby Itchy » Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:44 pm


He has 3 minutes from the time 2 players or an official call him on it.


I guess maybe MAYBE paragraph C? I guess it is technically refusing to perform a rule if you keep looking after 3 minutes.

I think it's one penalty stroke for OB and play from where it went OB with your relief from the OB line and another one if you keep looking past 3 minutes after being warned the clock is ticking. Nothing for the lost disc. The way I was taught it is (in order): 1)Missed Mando, 2)OB, 3)2 Meter and last 4)Lost Disc.
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Re: OB or lost disc?

Postby krupicka » Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:24 am

Since the disc obviously went into the creek, the disc is considered OB. Therefore the lost disc rule (including the time limit) does not apply in this case.

So how long can he go fishing? The player has 30 seconds after reasonably arriving at his lie to throw his next shot. The answer is not 30 seconds though. That doesn't start until he is there and the area is free of distractions. What this boils down to what is reasonable to arrive at his lie to throw his next shot. Most players would consider it reasonable for a player to fetch his disc. But how long does he have if he can't find it? A lot of that depends: Is there a group behind waiting (yes), Does he know where it is? Not really. Is the rest of his group ready to move on? At this point he should just give up and search for it after the round. If a player refuses to move on when the rest of his group asks then he has exceeded what is reasonable and is in violation of 801.03.
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