Air bounce putt?

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Postby Blake_T » Sun Oct 15, 2006 12:29 am

discs that have been coming out for a long time (longer than Ive been playing) are not very conductive to a touch game.


super stable to overstable putters... everyone throws max weight... max weight is really several grams over max weight... everyone wants new/durable plastic... etc.

all factors are stacked against developing touch.

being a wizard thrower, the touch anhyzer is one of my bread and butter throws. it makes me want to cry when i try and teach someone how to throw it and they still haven't figured it out after 200 throws and 2 hours of work.

i would say that the discs aren't conducive nowadays to developing skills in general and not just touch. while newer players throw farther today than they did 5 years ago, i would say back then players developed 3-4x the number of disc skills in their first year that players do now.
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Re: Air bounce putt?

Postby Ven » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:35 am

I putt RHBH flat Freestyle Set Up(but with minimal spin, not maximum like Freestylers do) but enough so it floats down near the target if it misses. I also putt RHBH hyzer still trying to get the same Freestyle Set Up effect. Even when "floating into the landing" effect isn't achieved, the Hyzer throw ends up near the basket. It seems that the hyzer has a slightly bigger "strike zone" then the flat.
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