another day, another grip... and another question

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another day, another grip... and another question

Postby KRooster » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:24 pm

I went out to try out some new grip variations, because I have been unable to throw putters without flutter and my mids have been inconsistent lately. I decided I was going to throw just putters until I got them going straight with no flutter. Well, I think I finally "got" the power grip. I don't think I have my thumb completely forward.... but it's definitely at least half forward, and I was getting by far the best results that way. Putting my thumb pad directly above where my index finger is seems to massively increase the strength of my index finger's pressure against the inside rim of the disc.

It was amazing... my throw just felt totally different. I was throwing my putters with zero flutter into the wind consistently. My Rocs were like lasers. I wasn't getting much extra distance, but it felt so right and I was just so confident that I would get a clean release.

Then I switched to my drivers. Drivers that I had been throwing straight to slightly right before (169g and 171g DX Beasts) were now flipping into the ground. The 175g DX Beast I got for headwinds was ending up WAY right. The 166g DX Orc that I had been unable to throw straight was going way more straight (though it was still hard for me to control well... not sure why, maybe beacuse the rim is shaped very differently to what I'm used to).

BUT, my max D has not increased, despite the fact that I am throwing far way more consistently. This might have something to do with the fact that even with a little hyzer, my Beasts were not really coming out of their turn before hitting the ground. But, even the Orc which I was throwing kinda straight wasn't breaking any of my distance records.

I'm really really happy that I'm throwing my putters and mids consistently. But:

1) I'm questioning whether a 50% thumb forward grip is ok (it's like a hybrid between the "thumb forward" and "not thumb forward" picture in the "grip it to rip it article".

2) I'm not sure if I should be unable to throw a 175g DX Beast straight when I still can't really break 320-330', and a 166g DX Orc is giving me slight problems. Just seems wrong.
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Postby Solty » Tue Sep 19, 2006 8:50 pm


you need to throw with what you feel comfortable with.....

example: when i drive with a putter...i leave my index find on the side of the disc....when i throw turnover thumb is 'on top' of my index finder....and when i use the power thumb is an inch from the side...

Once you learn with what is comfortable to you....your technique will come around and you will be able to show some increase in distance..

just my $0.02

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power grip

Postby twmccoy » Tue Sep 19, 2006 10:51 pm

You may be rolling your wrist. It is easy to do using the power grip. You definitely should not be turning over a max weight beast if you only throw 330'. I can throw 400'+ on most drives and don't turn over heavy beasts without trying.The power grip takes a little getting used to, so don't panic just yet. Flipping discs over is still better than not having the power to throw them. Eventually you should be able to work the flaws out of your throw, and you will start getting results with this grip.
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Postby KRooster » Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:47 am

I was under the impression that wrist roll would cause problems with mids and putters... but they are flying perfectly straight with tons of spin, even into the wind.
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Postby Weebl » Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:14 am

sometimes flutter can't be seen, only heard. if there's any pitch variation in the air penetration sound then there's torque. Headwinds help show off axis torque more than anything other climate variation. Best described in terms of a fart, the slightly silent ones that creak for one note slowly fading in sound is what you want, a cheek flapper is off axis torque...
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Postby discmonkey42 » Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:57 am

I had the same issue exactly. Turns out that the thumb forward and smoother throw of my mids and putters (which, I think, are a little more forgiving on nose angle issues) was getting the nose down and giving me smoother throws. When I used the same technique on drivers, the throw was too nose down and caused the drivers to burn badly. I adjusted my wrist position a little on drives and really concentrated on releasing the disc nose neutral with my follow through on plane with the disc. With this adjustment, the drivers threw just fine. my .02
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