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Postby AciDBatH666 » Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:27 am

The only mids that I hyzerflip are my beat in DX rocs and my Wizards.
i carry 3 rocs. 1 DX for slow gliding right shots, 1 Classic Roc (doesnt get pulled out too much), and my Naked Roc.. Thats my baby. The Roc with the stamp on the bottom. I love how flat the dome is. New, my naked rocs fly straight with a bit of fade on em... As I beat em in, they still go straight, but tend to lose some of their fade, pushing them straighter longer.
They never really seem to turn over unless i roll my wrist and screw up the throw.

I 'chose' to not powergrip em, cuz I know I'll try to overpower em and not finess em where they need to go.
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