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Re: frickin awesome

Postby sunspot » Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:12 pm

Bradley Walker wrote:
Aaron_D wrote:This is an excerpt from a convo I had with Avery Jenkins:

I was wondering about wrist extension. Do you pre-cock your wrist and consciously open it at the hit or do you do something else?

When you grip the disc how tightly do you hold looks like your hand is fairly relaxed but I figured I'd ask.

It is most important to lock your wrist when throwing, very little movement only slight wrist bend back and forth. Never pre-cock the wrist, trying to spin the disc is very different from throwing the disc.

I grip the disc very firm and tight when throwing, you never want the disc to slip out early or any other time. Nice firm grip.

He just doesnt seem to think wrist movement is nearly as crucial as anyone here. Now, its possible he doesnt understand what he himself is doing or the mechanics of a bent arm throw or something like that, but I treat what he says about driving as correct.

Getting into a position to open your wrist is the key. This is facilitated by the elbow. The elbow must be forward, and then slow down to allow the lower arm to full extend. Most people get their elbow going too fast, and the lower arm never fully releases.

The elbow must come forward, and then the entire acceleration focus must be transferred to the lower arm, the hand, and ultimately the disc. I know I now throw exclusively focusing on the lower arm. I make no attempt whatsoever to rotate faster. Only making the lower arm go fast creates more distance. The biggest crush I threw today felt slow, and I was perfectly on balance, but the hit was crushed.

Most people just try to make the *elbow* go faster(as well as the shoulder). That is why they *look* like they are trying to throw hard (most have a wild spinning appearance). This also why the elbow angle BREAKS DOWN EARLY (as explained by Beato in his video), as they are trying to go too fast with the elbow into the hit.

Pros, on the other hand, that have MASSIVE lower arm "release", appear to almost go slow. In fact ,they do... the only part going fast is the part that counts... the lower arm, hand, disc. All motion is perfectly timed to create an instantaneous lower arm acceleration. that is also why they have a "wide arm" appearance into the follow through. the shoulder has slowed to allow the arm to release.

PS: I know this is right. I know it in my bones. I taught my long time playing partner today, and I used this same terminology to explain it, and it "clicked" and "got it". His form literally went from "rec" to "high advanced" in one day. Seriously. Accelerating the lower arm properly fixes many other form issues (wrist open/closed, follow through, pivot, etc).

I've been thinking about this and trying to come up with an illustration. I think a good illustration is what I've heard before from Beato, punching at your target.

You use your lower arm to punch towards your target. Everything is slow except the lower part of your arm, i.e. elbow down to your wrist.

Imagine trying to karate chop a board from your throwing position. You are perpendicular to your target, like so ---- l

Now try to punch through the target using the lower arm speed.With this in mind, you should be using acceleration to punch through the board (target), and this should be done at the right pec and not before.
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Re: frickin awesome

Postby Beetard » Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:00 am

This guy's got 6 videos from 2008 big D in the desert
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Re: frickin awesome

Postby BLURR » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:36 am

Dude...Climo is the man. How confident are you in your game that you just pause and wave some soccer moms through and then step up and throw one straight down the pipe.
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