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Postby Blake_T » Sun Oct 15, 2006 12:17 am

putting isn't just the motions of your body. a lot of it has to do with making judgements in your head... these judgements need to be made every time in order to become a good putter.

actually, executing a putt is just the motions of the body. that is why pressure doesn't exist and clutch is just a description of results.

all of the "headwork" should be done BEFORE you even set for your motion. wind. terrain around the basket (aka where you would like to miss if you miss). distance. flight path.

the best putters treat all putts the same in execution, but their key is making near perfect judgement calls and assessments of the situations to decide which putt they are attempting to execute. "the putt is that long, therefore i need to put with this much oomph" "the wind is coming from here, so i need to adjust my line there"

Paying attention to putting height really helps. Sometimes you don't need more power, just a different vertical line.

this is absolutely correct. the difference from a 15' putt to a 22' putt is a bit of weight shift. the difference between a 22' putt and a 28' putt is about 10-14" of height.

knowing how your putter behaves at all speeds and angles is key. if you put 2 degrees of nose up on a putt'r vs. 2 degrees of nose up on a wizard, you will get VERY different results.
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