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Help out a newbie

Postby Gee Rant » Mon Aug 15, 2005 12:43 pm

Hello, I recently started playing disc golf about 4 months ago and have fell in love with it. And, now I am trying to actually better my game as well as have a good time playing. I was hoping for some tips on technique. I have read the guides on this site over and over again and consider myself to have a somewhat strong arm (I was a pitcher in high school). Yet, I cannot get over the 250' mark with my drives. My approach seem to be lacking consistency and direction.

I use the x-step for drives and do not take any pre-step or run-up. On most approach shot I do not take any steps and just use the arm motion. I throw a champion orc for most drives (168 g) and a classic roc (175g) for most approach shots.

My drives seem to always curves right on any other disc than the orc and I can only throw s-curves with the orc. Oh yeah and I am a RHBH thrower. I have a beat up tee-bird also and that is the disc that curves right whenever I throw it. Any tips to better my game would be appreciated.

p.s. nice site, and if you see this blake I am the guy who sent you an email not to long ago about the position, the computer science major. You may not remember me, but that is ok.

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Postby garublador » Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:25 pm

Personally, I find the "Technique Repair" section to be particularly useful when it comes to improving technique. Reading the articles from time to time is good, but if you have a specific problem, such as the discs always going right, then the Technique Repair section is much more useful.
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