Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby rehder » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:04 am

Blake_T wrote:
Hell, David Leadbetter reworked Nick Faldo's swing, and Nick Faldo was already a top professional at the time.This would amount to a 1000+ rated player approaching Blake asking him to remodel his entire throwing motion.

the thing with this is that... it's easier for a 1000+ rated player to make significant changes to their throw than it is for someone who maxes at 320'. in most cases the 1000 rated player already has the most difficult concepts down and they should be able to throw with snap no matter what other changes occur. there will be a period of adjustment where they will likely play worse golf but they are also most likely to master those changes at a faster rate than the 320' thrower. the 320' thrower likely needs to make 2 significant changes just to reach the 380'ish plateau and being that they are peaking at 320', there's a good chance this will be a fairly difficult struggle (although still easier than learning how to snap it hard).

yes, no disagreeing here, my point was just that the willingness to enlist the aid of a coach, and listen and do the drills prescribed is much higher in golf. As soon as people (where I live anyway) can throw 275-300 feet they basically feel like, they cant be taught anything from anybody else, that whey would not pick up on their own.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby Mike C » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:01 pm

Well I tried to practice my timing and re-learn my x step. Had a couple or disgusting throws, but on hole #10 in Canton (600+ ft. drive) I did get my furthest I ever have by about 15-20 feet. It's a start. Used my Surge for that throw, first time it's been taken to the course in months.

I was playing with a few different things so today was mostly re-learning form. I think this weekend I'll do better.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby erb » Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:46 am

Blake_T wrote:ways to add d:
1. learn to throw a distance line.
2. throw a longer disc.
3. learn to throw with more snap.

#3 is the only REAL distance increase... that is, a distance increase that isn't already available to everyone else without changing their technique.
basically, to break this plateau you have the choice of working on technique until you can throw with more snap and probably f'ing up your game big time in the short run at the hope of long term distance gains or you can experiment with making the disc fly farther given your power level.

So got any tips/techniques on increasing snap?
I've been trying to figure out how I can get even more snap.
last year I did a little experimenting with the way I thought of snap before I got hurt. I went from thinking about snap kind of like I was snapping a towel straight out away from me and towards the basket, to a new way of thinking about it. My new way was like my arm was a big rope wrapped up around the disc, like those fancy Tops that you can buy with the string that you wind around the peg and pull it, to get it spinning really fast. What I think with the "Towel" technique is I get a better forward Velocity, and with the "Top & String" technique I get much higher RPM's. I think the ideally way would be something in between both techniques for a faster forward velocity and more RPM's.

Although before I got hurt I did see some potential in the "Top & String" unfortunately I only got in a few throws.
1st I would throw a star Teebird flat and I wold get these really gradual turnover lines hitting the ground around the 425' range, I think If I can get more height it will hyzer back for a fairly long throw maybe out to 525 ft. Or I can throw it with a hyzer to begin with. Or I'm thinking about getting a more overstable disc.
2nd I seem to be holding on to it longer, so that it would come out of my hand when my hand is around 12-2 o'clock. I think I've read something like the bigger throwers on the tour release the disc "at a latter time" on the disc/clock.

But anyways I'm planning on giving it more testing this year. Got any thoughts?
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby Lithicon » Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:35 am

If you're throwing Teebirds 425 then you've got the snap. Throw something like an OLF, Destroyer, Nuke, or force and I'm sure you'll see 450-500. Not saying you can't try to further your goal to increase your distance/snap, you're definitley getting more snap than most here though.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby Blake_T » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:58 pm

So got any tips/techniques on increasing snap?

there's tons... i've written tons... i'm sure a few people can probably chime in the ones that have worked best for them.

the top & string you are talking about is a method that generates hyper spin. it is also equivalent to forcing a short arm type of action on your drive (it generates tremendous wrist extension).
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby MrScoopa » Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:40 am

What has helped me is learning to pivot better. I used to "pivot" almost flat footed. That gives knee pain and a slow pivot.

Since I have figured out a good pivot 7 things have happened:

1. No knee pain
2. Faster rotation
3. Truly clearing the hips
4. more snap
5. weight forward! :)
6. more effortless throws
7. and I can snap a towel better :lol:

1 change in form led to 7 good things! #1 being the most important. I would have eventually torn something.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby biodarwin » Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:51 am

masterbeato wrote:when i finally got to hit it big i would remember what i did and throw as hard as i could. next day, it would not be there anymore so i had to keep relearning how to do it.

I am going through this very thing right now. It was better to know I was not the only one.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby jubuttib » Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:25 am

biodarwin wrote:I am going through this very thing right now. It was better to know I was not the only one.

Me three. Not "big" big, but way bigger than before.
Parks wrote:If the posts on this forum are any indication, the PD is like a Teebird with sunshine coming out of its butthole so hard that it flies faster.
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Re: Maxing out at ~400 ft...suggestions?

Postby Mike C » Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:01 pm

Well, today was a blast. The weather was perfect, played nearly 100 holes.

My drives are slowly getting further as I refine my form. I notice myself keeping my drives lower and flatter, pivoting on my right foot better, having a full follow through and making the disc rip out of my hand nicely.

My longest throw on flat ground today was about 15 feet short of a 435 foot hole, with a broken in Pro Firebird with a mild left to right crosswind. It was about 15 feet high at the apex and dipped right because of the wind, then faded back about 8 feet off the ground. It moved left to right maybe 10 feet, it was really pretty. Another nice one was ripping my Teebird dead straight for I'm guessing 425-450 off an elevated teepad on a 600+ foot hole, then later that same round throwing it dead straight with a typical TB fade at the end on a 365 foot hole and parking less than 1 foot from the pin.

The biggest surprise of the day came from my putters. Off an elevated teepad (12' or so) I threw for a clean ~350 straight drive. Flat ground I was launching repeated controlled 310 foot line drives, and threw a few in the 320-340 range.

Still not ripping it out to 450, much less 500 like some of you guys can, but I'm happy with the slight increase in distance and the better accuracy. All in due time. I'll try to remember to make a few driving videos soon. One of me doing a max distance rip, and another of me doing my standing still wizard drive.

@Mr Scoopa: I see what you mean about the pivot. Until this month I never even used a pivot motion. Today on some of my throws I was pivoting so much I had to turn back around some just to watch my drive. I feel a huge difference in my driving from doing the pivot.

Thanks for the tips, this place is a huge help.
Mike C
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