disc golf critique. what is going wrong?

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Re: disc golf critique. what is going wrong?

Postby JHern » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:02 am

Yeah, practice practice practice. Throwing long courses helps too, because it'll force you to add distance.

I also committed to the right pec drill and philosophy a while back, and my accurate golf distance is now around 375'...still improving fast (I can feel the potential for a lot more to come). The increase in accuracy at 350' is really stunning for me, and is one of the most important things I've gleaned from the right pec drill...part of this is that I'm not using much effort to make the throw, I've stopped trying to muscle the disc along, and it makes an enormous difference. I previously (like 6 months ago) used to be able to reach 300'+ distances, but often with a ton of scatter (large error ellipse). Now I'm usually in scoring position on almost every hole I play at courses with holes in the 300'-400' range. I'm also driving an awful lot with my putter (Pro Challenger), and I only pick up my high speed drivers for shots in the 350'+ range. If I can improve my putting some more, I'll be a relatively competitive player by California standards.
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Re: disc golf critique. what is going wrong?

Postby cornelius » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:34 pm

yeah so I feel like I am getting the snap necessary but something seems to impede reaching 400' and over. Is there a specific drill I can do to get the hips more into the throw and transfer more power from my lower body?
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Re: disc golf critique. what is going wrong?

Postby JR » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:15 am

Try not to lose balance doing this. Don't pick up a disc in your hand and put them behind your back. Do your normal run up and x step and try to maximize how fast you twist the hips around. Then do it faster and faster if you can. You should notice the advantage to keeping the torso muscles as loose as possible for faster rotation. But here's a sure fire tip: Don't throw on a slope when practicing. Level ground minimizes the risk of falling down and losing balance.
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