Looking for point of clarification on 70/30 grips

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Looking for point of clarification on 70/30 grips

Postby josser » Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:52 am

The 70/30 vs 30/70 rip point / lock point has come up a number of times in recent threads. I am hoping to clarify the exact meaning of these ratios since they depend greatly on if you mean each individual finger in the lock or the sum-total of all fingers in the lock.

A standard power grip or fork-stack uses the index as the rip and the other fingers as the lock. So doesn't that mean that 30/70 grips are basically the same as just saying "press equally hard with each finger" since the three lock fingers will all add together giving the "press equally hard with each finger" 25/75 on the rip/lock weights? Or does 30/70 mean that each of your lock fingers should press about twice as hard as your rip finger? In this case, it is not really a 30/70 grip at all, but more of a 10/90 grip.

The inverse is also true for the 70/30 grip. If your three lock fingers are all treated as equal in strength, the 70/30 grip mean you should be holding the grip 7 times as hard on the the index as the other fingers.

All of this ignores how much weaker the pinkie is than the other fingers. It's probably better to ignore the pinky and treat the other three fingers as being roughly equal in strength.
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Re: Looking for point of clarification on 70/30 grips

Postby JR » Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:58 am

Dave Feldberg said 70 rear 30 front regarding drives and vice versa for putts nothing more exact. My interpretation is that it is a sum total of anything in the rear vs front. Rear being base of the thumb plus whatever fingers are at the rear. Front being the thumb lock that is index finger and thumb.
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Re: Looking for point of clarification on 70/30 grips

Postby biodarwin » Fri Aug 20, 2010 7:15 am

Getting more pressure from the rear and getting my thumb forward has allowed me to get passed the nose angles issues I have had issues with for the last few months.
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