Throwing with OAT

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Throwing with OAT

Postby kern9787 » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:09 pm

It's been probably a year and a half since I've put the OAT monster away. Since then I've developed my drives to the point of throwing basically the furthest I can with a half hit (my longest have been right around 450' with a 12x Star Wraith). I figure until Blake figures out the last step for the "super sekret" technique, I'll work on controlling OAT in my throws, rather than just completely eliminating them.

For those of you who have done this, what kind of throws do you use OAT for? How do you practice these?

(And for those who have made the step from half hitting to a full hit, what helped you make the break through?)
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Re: Throwing with OAT

Postby JR » Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:31 pm

I can only answer the OAT part :-( I use disc selection for even trick shots so there's rarely a situation where I need to add OAT intentionally. If I want a roller to land close to me I pick up a flip monster disc raise the arm at the reach back and bring it down steeply while wrist rolling and dropping the follow through angle of the arm like I'm spreading around gas that I didn't pass. I've recently tried and have promising results but not enough consistency in holding the disc annied in my hand but throwing like I'd throw a flat throw for mild annies that won't move more than 15' right if that with drivers at full power. I've gotten best results with discs I can handle the ones that are too much for me are still too much and the difference can't be made up this way even on a wide open driving field.
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