wrist pain when throwing

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wrist pain when throwing

Postby Turbine712 » Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:26 pm

Hey all, I just watched "Disc Golf Fundamentals" by: Dave Feldberg and Ken Climo. In the video X-step but I figured, What the heck. I was very surprised that with a long reach back, the X-step and a Bonopane grip,I have been able to launch my Beast, Cobra and Leopard well over 300 feet. What I have found after my throws is a very noticeable stinging feeling in my wrist. I really like the Bonopane grip because it does a very nice job of keeping the nose down and I get a very consistent throw. All of my discs end up within 2-3 feet of one another. I am wondering if my wrist pain is from being a noob and getting used to having a good snap or.. is it from the grip I am using or... is it from the power that is generated from the X-step and the reach back.
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Re: wrist pain when throwing

Postby JHern » Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:01 am

The same thing happened to me when I found a powerful combo of X-step, reach back, and grip. It felt dangerous to me, and I also asked around to be sure about it. Basically...

...You've got to slow down while going into the hit, you're coming in with too much kinetic energy, and instead of transferring that to the disc, you're just doing violence to your wrist. If you don't stop, you'll really mess it up. You have to build up to these things gradually. Try learning to throw with less muscle, and you might be surprised that you'll gain even more distance. Focus on getting your wrist around the front of the disc and spinning the hell out of it as it leaves your hand in a smooth motion (smooth, not jerky or violent). At least that's how it worked for me. Now I don't ever feel any effort or pain in any throw, even on max distance lines (I could throw all day without tiring my arm).
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