A different kind of putting practice

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A different kind of putting practice

Postby Pwingles » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:00 pm

This is not going to be about telling you how you should putt, and which way is better or more efficient. But ive been practicing my putting a lot more than normal lately since its by far my weakest part of my game. I have been noticing some progress after committing to make some changes and im happy with it. Ive been spending 1 hr plus in my yard putting everyday for a few weeks now, when it used to be random at best for me to be out there. After awhile you get complacent and it becomes throwing plastic at a target and boring so i decided to incorporate a new element to my practice.
I have a fairly big backyard, maybe 200-225ft deep and 60 ft wide with a few trees and other obstacles. I will start at the opposite end with a stack of putters, usually 4 but sometimes more. Ill then approach with the putter from various distances and shot types trying to mix it up as much as i can, then putt from each of the lies obviously trying to make them all. The goal being to also refine your med-short approach game therefore making your putting easier. I am beginning to like this very much as it gives you multiple looks at a putt and only one opportunity to make it from various angles as opposed to throwing a stack from the same spot. It also keeps you moving and helps fight being bored and also the feeling of obligation to be out there if you wanna get better. I keep score to myself from all the different spots and types of shots i throw from there and how many of the putts i make after and i think its really helping my game to be more consistent and reliable.
Try this and let me know if it has helped you at all or if you have any ways to improve it and maybe make it some sort of game.
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Re: A different kind of putting practice

Postby Aubin » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:15 pm

This is exactly how i practice, except a few changes.

5 putters, from 5 different "tee" positions. After you throw the 5 upshots, throw all five putts from the furthest away lie. If you don't make all five, give yourself a point. throw from the other tees, same thing. Afterward, arrange some sort of negative consequence for each point... I used to do pushups, chin ups, 1 point = 2 miles treadmill etc. You can also arrange to get points for a successful round of 25 upshots, and count those towards dollars used for new DG gear. Whatever it takes to place pressure on those upshots and putts.
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Re: A different kind of putting practice

Postby discraft » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:13 pm

I take 10 putters and throw each the same shot (hyzer,tomahawk,etc.).Then putt each starting from the closest.Mark the first one I miss and practice from that distance since that is the range I start missing.Started this practice 15+years ago.Now I make run at all shots from inside of 200'.
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