Please help me get rid of my wrist rolling

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Please help me get rid of my wrist rolling

Postby Smigles » Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:17 am

Ok, so i noticed the following thing recently. I switched to the Climo grip, and now my hand is much flatter during the throw. ( Flatter i mean that the hand is almost on a horizontal line with the ground ). Now after release i keep turning my wrist clockwise ( RHBH ) till the top of my hand faces the ground. I think this is not good, i think this hurts my ellbow, i think this is what is called wrist rolling. I watched some pro slow motions and i noticed that they ALL have the inside of their hand face the ground after release.

Edit : i realised that i do control slight to moderate anhyzers by the amount of roll i do during the release instead of the angle i hold the disc.

How can i correct this ? I think it comes from 15+ years of building bad habits from ultimate. Is there a exercice where i can get the feeling which i should have if i do it properly ?
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Re: Please help me get rid of my wrist rolling

Postby Varsi » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:56 am

I tend to do the same. I think this causes my discs turn a lot more.
I can avoid this my really concentrating on not doing it but when I forget to do that it happens again... hopefully I get rid of the habit at some point.
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Re: Please help me get rid of my wrist rolling

Postby JR » Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:32 pm

Turning the palm down in the follow through allows the arm to move longer at the initial angle. Avoiding plane braking which is a major cause of OAT. If you can find a board or a plank that you can set up at the angle you want to practice prop it up and throw without a disc so that your hand just misses the board. And turning the palm down so that the thumb may scrape the board/plank in the follow through. Obviously you need to start slowly and preferably so that the arm is above the board/plank so that you won't hit the side and hurt yourself. A fallen tree or a rock may work too but uneven surfaces tend to break the hand and arm more in case of a mishap. You really gotta focus on control or you're gonna hurt yourself so do this at slow pace and your own risk. Maybe a boxing glove would help.

Running up slower and not turning as fast limits the momentum that can turn the wrist. Concentrating on the wrist is necessary too. Nothing like using weights to build up muscle strength to maintain proper positions. Check out wrist exercises. Power balls seem to cause a tendency for wrist rolls at least for a while after exercise.
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