Progress... 50% determination and 50% coordination

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Re: Progress... 50% determination and 50% coordination

Postby Sean40474 » Tue May 24, 2011 3:29 pm

Blake_T wrote:i consider these rep counts to be pretty accurate for what it actually takes to develop basic and advanced "skills." it took beto 8000+ right pec drills to really nail down snap and another 20,000+ throws to solidify it.

it seems like a lot of people make comments on drills when they are mentioned or posted and it makes me wonder just how much of a chance people are actually giving them before giving up or feeling that they don't yield any benefit. i have a feeling most quit before executing them correctly more than a handful of times. i also feel that a lot of people don't experiment until it works with the expected result.

i always get wary of imitation, which is why i rarely pull video footage of someone executing a technique and then try to diagram out the key parts. people tend to want to imitate video rather than find their "own way" that yields a positive result. i know there's a number of people on here that have given guitar lessons. guitar is a similar mix of determination and coordination, and is equally dependent upon "good" physical characteristics. would it be useful for me to try to imitate stevie ray vaughan who's index finger is the size of 4 (2x wide, 2x long) of my index fingers? would it be useful for me to try to imitate steve vai who's index finger is pretty much 2.5x as long as my index finger? the answer is no. there's things they can do that are physically impossible for me to do and there are other things that they do easily that i can only do with great difficulty (more effort, more strain).

with that in mind, is it wise for someone to imitate pro disc golfers exact positions? no. it's good to use video footage to see "important trends" in throwing motions, but that is only to give you an idea of what should be happening. "be weight forward" will mean slightly different body positions for everyone that is getting weight forward. it is the idea of weight forward that trumps one player's version of weight forward. the same goes for elbow forward, tight pull line, etc.

8000? Holy cow, I never did that many. Maybe that is why I'm half-hitting and can't get 450'+ on demand. So much more work to do, but I do spend a lot of time in the field.

Blake, I think folks give up because it isn't the miracle routine that will have them throwing 500' in a couple of weeks time. The world today is all about instant gratification, so when it doesn't pan out immediately....folks quit or go back to their old ways. I'm sure a great part of people's practice is not highly focused or they're practicing incorrectly.

I know I'm stating the obvious here, but the point is to continue no matter what and find ways to get feedback. Posting videos of your practice sessions and what you're intent was to begin with will be a great step in the right direction.
It's all about discipline and focused practice!

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