Hyzer Angle Relations

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Hyzer Angle Relations

Postby cfair » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:37 am

I probably have a bad concept here but that is why I wanted to run it past ya'll as I'm improving my form and already back to form from before winter hit. I'm going to be working on a few things of course but I am wondering. Is it a good idea to try to find discs that I can release at roughly the same hyzer angle in order to build better throws?

So it basically ends up looking like this

I'm throwing my Comets and Rocs about 280' from a standstill. The Comets I throw on a steep hyzer but not straight down. It flips on flat and goes the whole way with no left/right play and no fade at the end. This is on about a 10' high throw (I'm working on throwing higher lines... as I know it is killing my distance).

My beat 174g Roc I throw with a little hyzer but a lot (maybe 1/4th of what I use on the comet) and it just goes straight, no fade. Roughly the same height and maybe a little bit farther.

When it comes to selecting a fairway disc I'm thinking that a disc that I'd throw on roughly that same angle will help transitioning to drivers. Is this a bad theory?

EX: I have a beat pro leo that I have to through roughly like my comets in order to keep it from flipping. And my Cyclone ends up being a bit like the roc on the same hyzer angle.
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Re: Hyzer Angle Relations

Postby kern9787 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:09 am

Personally, I would go with only one fairway driver (cyclone would be the better all around driver of two you mentioned). Rather than learning to throw several discs on a few distinct angles, Learn to throw one disc (or 2 tops) on several angles. Make that disc your bitch and learn to throw whatever shots you need out of it, rather than relying on different discs for different types of shots. Obviously there are limitations to how few drivers you want to stick with (because a beat pro leopard, no matter how good you are, is not going to do well with hyzer shot in a 20 mph headwind).
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Re: Hyzer Angle Relations

Postby cfair » Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:33 pm

okay. I think you just helped me clear up how to say this. I don't want to throw several discs on several angles I want to throw several discs on one angle. The reason being I go do my natural throw and focus on getting nose down.

but again. Probably a bad concept... is the cyclone a good fairway drive to use to transition from throwing mids well to throwing drivers well. I'm getting really tired of having these awesome throws with Comets and Rocs (290-320' average) and then when I pick up a driver of any kind I watch the stamp spin as it hyzer's towards the ground and then skims 80-120' across the field. Even without hyzer angle it does this because my nose up issues stall it out so much...
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Re: Hyzer Angle Relations

Postby Triflusal » Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:19 pm

wouldn't you want to work on learning nose down on all angles? I think it's not really gonna matter what angle you learn nose down on (except maybe anny's and extreme hyzers), as long as you can translate it to every throwing angle you need

just throw each disc on whatever angle you need for field practice. Building a consistent throw doesn't mean you have to throw with the same angle on every throw IMO
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Re: Hyzer Angle Relations

Postby Mark Ellis » Thu Apr 07, 2011 7:08 am

Yo cfair,

If I understand what you are saying then you are not making a mistake at all, rather you are learning to memorize a particular shot. This is a normal and very good way to develop your game so long as you don't stop working on other shots as well.

If you can stand still, throw with average power (for you), on a hyzer angle with a Mid and get a reliable 300 foot shot then you will get a lot of use from that shot over the years. Obviously that cannot be the only shot you master in the game but it is a darn nice start. It makes no sense to me that you cannot use the same form and power and change discs to create different shots. Throwing a Driver is just like throwing a Mid, except you should get better glide out of it. My guess is the major difference is in your head. You have confidence in your Mids but not yet in your Drivers. That is a function of practice.

There a quite a few hyzer dominant players out there. They throw every shot with a hyzer release angle and resort to very flippy discs when they need a disc to anhyzer. Some of these players eventually become very good at this from years of practice but it is the hardest way to become good at the game.

The problem with being dependent on the hyzer game is the margin of error is very small. When the winds pick up it becomes too much of a guessing game what disc to throw at what speed on what angle to make it fly on the desired line.

It is better to make the basis of your game throwing flat, low and straight. Once you have memorized this shot, making small adjustments will give you hyzers and anhyzers with greater reliability.

It has been a while since I saw you throw. Maybe we should get together again and look at what you are doing.
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