Step by step process of the throw.

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Step by step process of the throw.

Postby isobar » Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:48 am

So I got to thinking recently and realized one of my biggest problems is that I have been starting my pull way too soon. I was watching some videos and realized that everyone I was watching would wait until their front foot was planted to begin their rip and as the weight shifted forward, they would accelerate through, where as I was doing it all almost simultaneously. I decided I would type of exactly what I do and see the order you would change things. For this throw I will be doing a RHBH X-Step drive.

1. Begin the run up.
2. Plant my right foot (1st X-step)
3. Rotate my hips and shoulders so my back is rotated more towards the basket, while stepping behind my right foot with my left foot.
4. Begin my reach back somewhere while doing all of this.
5. Begin planting my right foot while rotating my hips.
6. Start my pull through and shoulder rotation.
7. As all my weight gets to my right foot I snap my wrist and throw.
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Re: Step by step process of the throw.

Postby Redisculous » Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:33 pm

This has all already been covered, here is your step by step diagram:


Scroll down to where bcsst quotes the diagram and comments together.

As to when you should start your pull, absolutely no sooner than frame 3.
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