New progress for me (put together a few things)

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New progress for me (put together a few things)

Postby DiscJay » Sat Sep 24, 2011 3:24 pm

So I played a round today and made some discoveries. I throw RHBH and was using the Barry Schulz reachback (not straight back, but out to the side) with some manner of success. My distance had gone up with less effort and my accuracy was also improved but I want more. After reading a bunch of the recent activity in some of the technique threads I decided to try some new stuff today.

First thing I tried during the first half of my round was to do a straight reachback and concentrate only on "punching" my elbow towards the target as far as possible. All I was thinking about was punching my elbow towards the target as far as I could and then just let the rest happen. It worked pretty well but I noticed that most of my shots came out in a wicked hyzer whether I wanted hyzer or flat. Not horrible, the shots were at least STARTing out on the intended line, they just didn't finish correctly.

So concentrating on the elbow punch was working out pretty well but I had to fix the hyzer issue. I thought about it and decided to try Nikko's power grip. The combination of the elbow punch and Nikko's power grip (thumb way forward) was incredible. I felt like I had to purposely screw up to throw a bad shot. I don't feel like I lost any distance and gained even more accuracy. I want to get a video up soon and see what you all think about my discoveries. I am wicked excited to get back out on the course and the practice field to keep this progress up.
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