Combining styles

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Combining styles

Postby superdrive » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:02 am

Swedish and American styles as I understand them are different in power base and elbow chop vs leverage. Lowered shoulder and raised left arm let you create more arm speed, but to make the pull line further from the body work, you will hold on to the disc longer and leverage, instead of snap, the disc. Is this correct?

After fixing my grips I tried both styles again (what ever they are called). First I tried the leverage style and I was creating more arm speed with it. It also feels great to leverage the living sh£t out of a disc. Down side of this was that it was hard to keep it under control. Aiming is very similar to a leverage style FH. Longer path instead of just snap at the end. Also, turning right shoulder way back made it harder to hit lines.

I took the hop steps, hips/core and leverage from that style and added higher pull line> disc closer to the body> elbow chop and slightly bent elbow> less arm/shoulder movement. Aiming is easy because of the elbow chop and less movement. It made the hit stronger as well (I still leverage the disc, but there's a stronger hit at the end).

I feel like I took the best parts from the two and combined them into awesomeness :roll:. I'm not sure if my explanation is 100% correct, because I'm trying to explain something that I've never seen, only felt, and after a very short period of time.

Still playing around with different things, so I'm open to new ideas. It seems I'm able to hit it with any style or thing I try. Comments please.
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