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Disc Golf Phone Consultation

Postby Blake_T » Fri Dec 02, 2005 6:08 pm

been getting bored in the evenings now that it's dark at 4pm.

have been doing free phone consultations for a few years now, but hadn't ever posted it publically.

if anyone ever has any technique/equipment questions they are welcome to give me a call, or i can give you a call (i have unlimited long distance).

are welcome to just shoot the shiz as well.
topics i know as well as or better than disc golf:
indie rock/emo-core 1991-1999
foreign/independent/classic/good films
crappy 1980's TV

if you'd like to pick my brain, shoot me an email and either request my # and/or give your # and a timeframe that is okay to call.
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Postby distantdg » Sun Dec 04, 2005 11:35 pm

who would be your favorite metaphysician?? and philosopher in general?
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Postby Blake_T » Mon Dec 05, 2005 8:31 am

it varies upon my mood...

i would say my favorite philosophers to read are probably hume, nietzsche, and sartre, but i've never found one i could wholly agree with as i have found answers beyond their questions and/or read into them in a certain light that i have never seen talked about.

as for metaphysics, i tend to linger towards asian religion... i ching, taoism, etc.

i classify myself more of a thinker than a philosopher... but that i guess does make me a philosopher.

i was lucky enough to have a few professors that REALLY challenged the class to develop hard answers to difficult questions. my intro class had three papers: 1) does the "soul" exist after death? prove why/why not. 2) is there a god? prove why/why not. 3) is there a meaning of life? if yes, what is it and prove why, if no prove why not. the guy was probably the hardest grader i've ever come across. latter half of my experiences with philosophy in acadamia were more focused upon contemporary philosophers working on moral philosophy on societal/cultural issues.
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