Wet discs and the pinch

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Wet discs and the pinch

Postby soupdeluxe » Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:54 am

Hey All
The NW finally decided it is time for winter after a mostly dry end of the year. I have two questions. One probably should be posted in the general forums but they are related.
I see there are a couple of products the report to help you grip during wet conditions. Do any of these work or is using lots of towels like I do now work best?
I have been playing around with my thumb position during these wet conditions and have discovered that if I raise up my thumb and concentrate on pinching with the tip of my thumb I can get a stronger grip/rip. Now I know that most of my early releases are due to trying to throw too hard too fast, but that said this does seem to work. I don't see this done where I play, or talked about here though. It seems like using the tip of your thumb would create a stronger "single point" but a full thumb pad grip would create a "longer" but less concentrated grip point. Is this a method that could be used year round or does it not get talked about because it is fatally flawed on some level? This is the question I am the most curious about. Thanks
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Re: Wet discs and the pinch

Postby JR » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:32 am

The mileage will very from person to person to an extent. What you need is a lot of pinch power and pressure to maximize grip. People have varying amount of power between the thumb and the base of the thumb so available power varies from person to person between those grips. Small contact area means more pressure which could dissipate without grip if the disc is too slick to hold on to. Thus thumb grip advantage may dissipate if it even is stronger than the base of the thumb for you. So results vary from person to person and you should check out what works best for you. Vibram makes immensely floppy soft discs that are grippier than the original FLX and Gateway Super Soft. Anyone can deform those in 32F. So the grip pinch may not be the issue if the disc does not release right. Moving the thumb toward the center of the disc in small increments may help too but may compromise the ability to keep the nose down.

Bees wax is the best i've tried so far but you should check out the stuff that Mark Ellis recommends too.
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