Practice Games?

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Practice Games?

Postby BeSquared » Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:35 am

Hey everyone.

It was a pretty day and I finally got to head out and play! I really want to work on my fundamentals so started playing specific holes and shots where I thought I had weaknesses. It was fine at first... but then I started over thinking and couldn't hit a shot. I stopped for a few minutes and tried to think of what was going on. Then I said "Screw it" and just played a tournament round (in my head) and all of a sudden I couldn't miss. I parted fairways down the middle, carved every line, and hit metal on most putts.

I concluded that because I put pressure on myself my body went into a subconscious mode and just started doing what I have trained it to do over the past few years. So, how can I practice? I feel that the time before my "round" was wasted. Maybe if I play a few games where something is at stake, anything. Points, score, something like that. What do you folks think? I hope I am making sense.
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