Grip pressure

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Grip pressure

Postby berrebo » Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:01 pm

After experimenting with my grip/throw, I am getting a lot more spin on the disc and I was finally breaking the 400' without throwing "great".

I hurt my index and middle fingers driving a few weeks ago and they haven't healed up yet so my impressions of my grip pressure may be a off...but...

It seems that when I throw, I'm feeling a lot of pressure on the four fingers on the rim as the disc pivots and not feeling much (any?) pressure from pinching my thumb or thumbpad down onto my fingertips. The main pressure being between the index and some on the middle finger on the rim of the disc. I may be noticing it just because the fingers are injured, but I was curious if that is what I should be feeling, or is there something I'm doing that is fundamentally wrong. Any insight is much appreciated.

I'm not throwing much at all and it is healing (slowly).
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Re: Grip pressure

Postby JR » Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:16 pm

I m not sure at all of this. Blake wrote that you shouldn't feel pressure in the index finger. Sometimes i don't and sometimes i do for max D and rarely i get the disc on line and farther than normal when the rim to wing corner digs into the finger print area of the index finger. Those flights aren't many feet longer but the fade a little later and the intendation across the index finger lasts for a minute or a minute and a half and is about 1/25" deep and dark red. The colder and wetter it is the harder i need to grip to avoid the disc slipping to the left.
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