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Re: Comets into the wind - Turning Over

Postby black udder » Fri May 10, 2013 2:09 pm

My 2 cents.

For what it's worth.

I believe it's worthwhile trying to find a disc like a comet or buzz ss, etc. that you can throw into that wind and get a straight flat finish.

What's been said before is correct about the disc speed increasing into the wind; however, at some point, the disc is going to slow down and, depending on the hole, a huge fade could be a really bad thing. Being able to get a disc to land in a fairly straight line will always be an asset on long or short throws.

Let's say that your comet is turning over. The comet is a neutral disc (rated 0). If you bump up to, say, another mid range (buzz, roc, wasp, etc) then I'd wager you're not sacrificing a lot in terms of predicted accuracy. However, if you're moving to a speed driver, like say a Nuke or Force. This disc might fly flat to start, but as soon as the speed comes under it's effective rating, it's going to fade hard and possibly skip, taking you further off your line.

I'd also suggest that while a Roc is more overstable than a Comet, it is also a 'slower' disc and you might find yourself doing the same thing with a roc that you do with a comet. The buzz handles speed a bit better, but we're still talking mid range discs and they handle a smooth throw better than a lot of arm speed throws.

If you are throwing with hyzer I would suspect a little bit of OAT in the throw. Doesn't have to be much, but that might be enough to pull the disc up a bit more than you want and allow it to get pushed over. I've thrown a 168g comet into a fairly good wind and it's responded as well as I throw it (bad throw, bad result - good throw, good results).

Have fun.
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