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Re: power pocket help

Postby niq » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:29 pm

Reporting in after a field session this evening. I was experimenting with NOT stiffening my wrist but really focusing on bringing the head around. I threw a lot of putters around 310' - 320'. Not as far as I was when I was stiffening my wrist, but much more consistent. I'm going to experiment with this for a little while and see what happens. I still have yet to feel that "loading" phase when I push the disc deep into the power pocket again, I wish i could have had some video from that day.
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Re: power pocket help

Postby JR » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:27 am

Eventually everyone that wants to compare which method works the best for them at that time will need to perform loose wrist, fairly stiff wrist (fully locked wrist does not work and is counter productive by 50') and different timings one after another with the same disc in the same session to see which gives the longest throws. IT may be a good thing that you do not notice the loading of the arm muscles from concentrating on more important things like timing and proper movement paths. See the more you stiffen up the slower and shorter you throw but get sensations from the arm. Getting too easy feedback from the muscles working often means you're gritting your teeth, bulging the neck veins and having so stiff arm muscles that you lose 20' or more feet from the internal resistance of the arm muscles that are too stiff too early. Feeling the muscles work is easier to notice once you get that lightbulb moment of oh that's how it works. It is much easier to notice something that you've realized before than finding that sensation for the first time. In a good throw the arm is so mellow so long that it does not feel like anything until the right pec position.

So far my observation of my throwing has been that until the right pec i don't feel the arm at all and i throw farther if the brains sends out the command move quickly not grip strongly and use the muscles powerfully as if in lifting heavy weights. The difference is on average at least 15' probably 20'. In the loose to the right pec quick arm movement mode i can feel the arm muscles tense up like wires much harder but with the muscles feeling thinner and tighter (possibly from more plyometric stretching of the muscles to physically longer thanks to not having so much resistance to the stretching). The muscles do a lot of work in the quick movement command mode but the feeling and probably the diameter of the muscles are different to strong command mode. In the quick mode you get a free lunch because you do not need to guide the muscles you only need to say quick. The body knows how to perform that from all your life practicing how to move quickly. That way your brain processing power is saved for something more useful. Like remaining blank and allowing automation to work fully or timing things right etc.
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