Analyze my friends and I (with video) .

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Analyze my friends and I (with video) .

Postby Jones » Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:11 am

This is the same post that is up at I posted on both to get as many opinions as possible

This is a cry for help!

My friends and I need some serious help. We have some issues that we can't seem to resolve ourselves and there aren't really any pros that can help us with our form and technique that play at our course anymore. So we decided to post up videos of ourselves driving. I did this once for myself and it helped a bit. I may have cleaner throws but I believe I still suffer from bad form.

Anyway here we go.

I am the the guy with the black shirt and the dark bluish shorts.
Harley is in a black shirt with khaki shorts.
And JB is not wearing a shirt. (this texas heat is beginning to kick in)

Harley's girlfriend made a nice little page with a video that is about 6 and a half minutes of us throwing discs. Please feel free to butcher us on what we are doing wrong.

Myself personally, I peak out at around 300-320 average distance wise. I don't feel like I am getting a good follow through and am not quite sure how to fix it. Today(the day this was filmed), it felt like I had no speed on any of the discs. A few months ago I twisted my knee when playing and reverted to all stationary throwing and just started moving awhile back, and my stationary throws are much, much better looking, although a little shorter.

Harley peaks out around 330-350 average, but throws much further considering the height of the disc before it hits the ground. When he throws it is quite impressive, but does have a little trouble turning over slightly stable to understable discs.

JB throws around 340-350 average and is pretty consistent with it, being nice flat drives. He wants more though.

We have been playing for 1 year on the dot. If for some reason this site goes down or hits the bandwith limit, we can edit the video and cut up each individual drive.

Here is the link, thanks for taking the time to look.
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